Dental Bridge

Replace Missing Teeth with a Dental Bridge

Dental bridge A smile with missing teeth can be embarrassing. Not only does the absence of these teeth impact appearance, they can also make it difficult to eat and speak.  A dental bridge can close the gap between teeth, giving you a complete, natural-looking smile.

Why It’s Important to Consider a Dental Bridge

When there are obvious gaps in your smile because teeth are missing, your remaining teeth can suffer. Your teeth will indeed try to fill the space that remains simply because they can. One absent tooth means the support that teeth give each other is missing in action.

If you have several missing teeth, an entire portion of your jawbone will not be stimulated enough. This lack of stimulation affects the strength of your jawbone and the foundation of your smile. Plus, missing teeth can change the shape of your face over time to look sunken in or droopy.

As restorative dentistry solutions go, a dental bridge is subtle and hardly noticeable unless you point it out to someone. Because the bridge is bonded in place, this repair is permanent and not removable. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that, no matter what you eat, your dental bridge will stay in place. With the proper at-home and preventive dental care, your dental bridge can last for decades.

Is a Dental Bridge the Right Solution for My Missing Teeth?

Dental bridges often go hand-in-hand with porcelain crowns. A bridge, in any definition of the word, must have anchors on either end of it to hold it in place. Crowns are bonded to the teeth on either side of the gap where your tooth or teeth are missing, serving as the anchors, and the bridge is affixed to the crowns.

Because everyone’s dental health is different, the restorative dentistry solution that’s right them will vary. Dental bridges are often one of the best possible options for restoring missing teeth. Dental implants have grown in popularity, and they are an incredibly strong and durable permanent solution. However, depending on a patient’s oral health and the condition of their jawbone, a bridge may be the most effective option.

Your Plymouth, MI, restorative dentist will present you with every viable option for replacing missing teeth so, together, you can discuss the best resolution for your case.

What Is the Dental Bridge Procedure?

If you have one or more missing teeth in a row, porcelain teeth (sometimes called pontics) will be customized to fill in those gaps and work together as a bridge. The bridge will be secured to your capped natural teeth – sometimes referred to as an abutment – on either side of the gap using hidden clasps.

Bridges are typically made of porcelain but, similar to dental crowns, they can also be made with other types of materials, like zirconia or metal. The traditional composition of dental bridges is porcelain fused to metal (PFM) or porcelain fused to ceramic.

Not only does the bridge do its job of rejuvenating the look of your smile and making it easier to chew, the crowns offer additional security. Your dental repair isn’t going anywhere with crowns and a bridge that are bonded in place. Plus, the repair will be made to match your natural teeth in size, shape, and color so that no one need be the wiser about your restorative dentistry solution.

Do Dental Bridges Require Special Upkeep?

If you do opt for a dental bridge, don’t be tempted to neglect your oral health because these aren’t “real” teeth. Your teeth are not self-cleaning, whether they’re your natural teeth are not. Your dental bridge and porcelain crowns require the same daily brushing and flossing as your other teeth. And your visit to the dentist every six months for a thorough cleaning and exam is a necessity too.

You must put in the effort to protect your oral health from infection, decay, or the development of periodontal disease. Dr. Shadi Krecht is ready to help you stay healthy and give your teeth the care and attention they need to make you feel comfortable and proud of your smile. Get in touch to learn more about a dental bridge and other restorative dentistry solutions to complete your smile makeover.

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