Teeth Whitening

Choose Professional Teeth Whitening for a Stunning New Smile

Professional teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments for very good reasons. Teeth whitening is:

  • In about an hour, your smile can be turned several shades whiter than it was. Stains and discoloration disappear.
  • Professional teeth whitening is a non-invasive cosmetic dentistry treatment. There are no drills necessary, and every precaution is taken to ensure that your gums are protected from developing any sensitivity to the bleaching agent.
  • The teeth whitening formula used by a dentist is far more powerful than any over-the-counter whitening treatment. Two key agents are necessary to make teeth permanently whiter – carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. Plus, when teeth are taken good care of, a professional teeth whitening can last longer than a DIY alternative.


Can Anyone Get Professional Teeth Whitening?

Almost anyone can be a candidate for professional teeth whitening. From young to old, this cosmetic dentistry treatment is appropriate for anyone who wants a brighter smile. You also don’t need perfectly aligned teeth to qualify for a whitening treatment. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have a set of straight teeth, but teeth whitening is so effective that even flawed teeth look better. There is one critical element that must first be in place though: healthy gums and teeth.

If your teeth and gums are healthy and in good condition, teeth whitening is absolutely an option. If you have any sign of periodontal disease, your dentist will want to take care of this problem first before going ahead with any form of cosmetic dentistry. You need a solid foundation in your mouth for any aesthetic changes to make a serious difference. Decay and any other oral health problems will also put teeth whitening on hold until the issues have been addressed.

If you have any porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns on your teeth, whitening will not make any difference (though these cosmetic enhancements, when done properly, should remain a natural-looking tooth shade and be stain-resistant). Some people also have teeth that are naturally impervious to teeth whitening. The stains on your teeth may be embedded so deeply in the enamel that no amount of whitening will ever make a dent. Alternatively, you may simply have dull-colored natural teeth, and there is no altering this appearance with whitening.

If teeth whitening is not an option, you are not eliminated from having whiter teeth. It will simply be necessary to change your focus to a versatile correction like porcelain veneers.

What Causes Tooth Stains?

There are many sources of tooth stains, from medication to smoking to poor oral hygiene. What’s most important is knowing the difference between the two types of stains that can occur on your teeth.

Extrinsic tooth stains live on the surface of your teeth. This discoloration is typically the result of certain foods and drinks, like coffee, red wine, dark sauces, or dark berries. The foods themselves are not necessarily the culprit behind the staining, but the acidity in these foods is responsible for eroding tooth enamel which makes it far easier for stains to find a home, no matter what their source.

Intrinsic tooth stains live within the tooth enamel. Antibiotic staining is one of the big culprits behind intrinsic stains. Any stains embedded within the tooth will require a treatment other than teeth whitening to eliminate – or, more likely, hide – the discoloration.

If you have naturally thin tooth enamel, this can give your teeth a yellowish tint. Thin enamel can also make a person more susceptible to tooth stains. And, as always, discolored teeth are quite often a side effect of aging.

The Perks of Professional Teeth Whitening

Obviously, professional teeth whitening, for the right candidate, will dramatically transform your smile into one that is no longer stained but instead white, clean, and fresh. Crooked or gapped teeth will be barely noticeable next to the whiteness of your teeth, which will create an appearance of good health while also making you look younger.

Plus, when your teeth are white, you want to show off your smile as often as possible which will help you look – and feel – like a very happy person.

Just remember, teeth are not self-cleaning. No cosmetic dentistry procedure can take care of itself. It’s still necessary to keep up with preventive dental care by visiting your dentist every six months and brushing and flossing daily at home.

Learn more about professional teeth whitening. Make an appointment with Dr. Shadi Krecht at his Plymouth, MI, dental office.

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