Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain Crowns Repair Damaged Teeth for a Natural Look

Whether age, accident, genetics, poor oral hygiene, or sheer bad luck has caused you to develop a damaged tooth, a porcelain crown is often the best restorative dentistry treatment. Porcelain crowns are natural-looking, and once bonded in place they blend in with the rest of your smile, hiding the fact that you ever had a problem with your teeth.

The Benefits of Porcelain Crowns
Porcelain Crowns Plymouth Dnentist You may not realize just how problematic it is to have a damaged tooth or a missing tooth until it happens to you. Your entire daily life is compromised by this problem. A severely damaged tooth impacts how easily you can bite, chew, speak, and smile. The issue can also affect self-esteem if you’re self-conscious about how your teeth look.

Some people are simply predisposed to having weak teeth, which makes them far more susceptible to teeth that break, crack, or easily develop decay. Fractured teeth should be tended to immediately so as not to damage the tooth even further, and to prevent neighboring teeth from developing problems.

Crowns are a versatile restorative dentistry treatment that can be employed for many different types of repairs. Dental crowns are also a common cosmetic treatment, improving the overall appearance of your smile, especially when a large cavity threatens to compromise the health of a tooth.




Crowns are an effective cover-up, and they do their work convincingly to:

  • Repair fractured, cracked, or chipped teeth
  • Cover and hide damaged teeth
  • Protect weak teeth
  • Restore discolored and stained teeth
  • Replace lost tooth structure
  • Restore misshapen teeth
  • Eliminate gaps
  • Hides large areas of decay

Crowns also make it possible for your Plymouth, Michigan, dentist to replace several teeth at once without the need for dentures. Quite often, a bridge is used to fill the space where teeth once were. Crowns serve as anchors on either side of the gap to hold the bridge in place and create a permanent dental solution.

Four Types of Dental Crowns

Whatever form the supportive dental crown takes, the goal of this restoration is to strengthen your teeth and restore your tooth to its original size and shape.

While your Plymouth dentist may rely on one type of dental crown over another, there are four types of crowns: Porcelain Crowns

  1. All-porcelain crowns, or all-ceramic crowns, are made of engineered dental ceramic or porcelain. Friendly for sufferers of metal allergies, the all-porcelain crown looks great and functions just like a natural tooth.
  2. Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns (PFM) are composed of porcelain on the outside and metal on the inside. PFM crowns are incredibly durable, though patients who suffer from a metal allergy will find they are likely not compatible with this restoration.
  3. Ceramic zirconia crowns are resistant to fractures, and often used to cover severely damaged or discolored teeth. Natural-colored and metal-free, the ceramic zirconia crown is friendly for nearly all patients who need a crown and have concerns about the composition of their dental repairs.
  4. Metal crowns work for the patient who wants to draw attention to their smile. Most metal crowns are made entirely of metal, such as gold or another alloy. While the durability of this crown is undeniable, it takes a certain type of person to embrace such a noticeable restorative dentistry treatment.

How Are Porcelain Crowns Applied?

More than likely, teeth that are undergoing the porcelain crown treatment are already less than perfect. Broken teeth are not only unsightly, they are uncomfortable and can be painful. The dental crown process typically takes one or two visits to your dentist, a repair that is absolutely worth your time and effort.

If necessary, your dentist will sand down your natural tooth so that it is smaller and the porcelain crown can fit snugly over it. The treatment begins with taking a mold of your mouth so the crown can be customized. A temporary crown is put in place until your permanent crown is ready. The final restoration is bonded in place using dental cement once your dentist has confirmed that its size and shape fit your mouth comfortably.

You will be left with a crowned tooth that looks and functions just like a natural tooth. You will be able to bite and chew without restriction, and neighboring teeth will be supported by the crown’s presence.

Repair your teeth and improve your smile with versatile porcelain crowns. Learn more about this transformative restorative dentistry procedure by making an appointment with Dr. Shadi Krecht.

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