Meet Our Master Ceramicist

Jason Kim is an exclusive ceramicist working with the highest caliber of cosmetic dentists in creating the highest levels of aesthetic smile makeovers. He is world renowned.  I am proud to be assoacited with Jason.  I trust him implicitly in being an integral part of the excuisite and successful outcomes over years past.

Treatment Planning – Artistry Meets Predictability

Paramount to our approach is the close cooperation between the clinician and the dental technician, from the initiation of treatment planning to the final seating. Numerous processes are implemented to ensure the best possible outcome of each case:

  • Treatment consultation
  • Diagnostic models
  • Diagnostic functional aesthetic waxups
  • Indices (preparation models, labial and incisal preparation guides)
  • Periodontal clear stents
  • Implant treatment design and cost analysis
  • Matrix for provisional restorations:


Aesthetic – Predictability Meets Artistry

The core competencies of Jason J Kim Dental Aesthetics are most evident in the beautiful ceramic work produced. While every dental laboratory aspires to quality, as a member of Oral Design International, Jason Kim maintains higher standards that are applied to every case. Emphasis on proper occlusion and the vast experience with all-ceramic, implant restorations, and full-arch prosthesis ensures the highest aesthetic and functional outcome for patients.

Jason’s flagship veneer is recognized by industry professionals throughout the world for its excellence. Its ability to mask substrates of varying color and its inherent warmth and vitality make his veneers an award winning offering for our most discerning patients. The fluorescence and unique ceramic makeup ensure the restoration will accurately match and fit the natural dentition and enhance any patient’s smile

  • Natural translucency
  • Fluorescence, Opalescence and Luminescence
  • Complementary color
  • Detailed surface texture and contours
  • Warm, natural chroma
  • Natural light transmission


Occulsion – Function Meets Aesthetic

A thorough understanding of occlusion is a necessary aspect of the restorative process, as part of a foundation for predictable, aesthetic results. Teeth must move in harmony with each other, to provide the utmost in restorative beauty and patient health.